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Galbani Bocconcini Di Pancetta Rughetta

Galbani Bocconcini Di Pancetta Rughetta Recipe by Galbani Cheese Australia


  • 1 x 180g of Galbani Bocconcini Mini
  • 32 slices pancetta
  • 250g rocket leaves
  • Balsamic vinegar
  • Salt and freshly ground black pepper
  • Extra virgin olive oil

Preparation Instructions

  1. Arrange two pancetta slices crosswise and place a Galbani Bocconcini Mini ball in the centre, repeat with remaining pancetta and Galbani Bocconcini Mini balls.
  2. Wrap each Galbani Bocconcini Mini ball with the pancetta slices and secure with a toothpick.
  3. In a lightly greased frying pan, cook bites on all sides until the pancetta becomes crisp.
  4. Arrange rocket leaves on a serving platter and sprinkle with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt and black pepper.
  5. Place the warm pancetta and bites on the rocket salad and serve.
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